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Name:  Amanda
Age: 21
Location:  USA, Pennsylvania
ED Type:  anorexia & bulimia, I've had them both
Diagnosed: no
ED Time Period:
since I was 15, so about almost 7 years
Current Weight: 
ugh oh god...179 = fucking disgusting!!
BMI: 28.9 (overweight)
Lowest Weight:
Highest Weight:
GW1 - 180
GW2 - 175
GW3 - 170
GW4 - 165
GW5 - 160
GW6 - 150
GW7 - 140
GW8 - 130
GW9 - 125
UGW -120 or less 

 I am new to LJ, so please ADD ME as a Friend!! I am looking for girls who want to do a group fast!! Let me know if your interested
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Hey Ladies!

I LOVE the community doll! Im Dani ana/mia age 23  Utah  cw:139lbs : ( gross  lw:95lbs   hw: 160lbs (3 months ago! yuck)  1st gw: 129lbs     2nd gw: 113lbs I hope to keep in touch, recieve and give support! Hope you are all doing well!

I sold my coffee shop and lost my wi-fi, but I have a new laptop so ill be on all the time now. All you have to do is call on me :) in the last month or so ive lost 15lbs, up until last night I consumed nothing but coffee, sugar free redbull and liquid lowfat yogurt 220-230cals a day. But my fat ass decided to eat Mambas, my weakness when it come it candy, and the damn donuts were stairing at me all night! So i wake up today and im back up 3lbs!?!?!?! Over one pack of Mambas? Im definately not doing that again! Im going to stick with coffee, and diet pepsi for the next 24 hours or so.Stay strong!

xoxo dani

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Hi there

Hello... I like the name of this community first of all. :)

stats I suppose:

25 years old
134.3 this morning
GW 119 I guess
5 foot 3 inches tall

I'm having trouble. My psych doc put me on meds that one of the side effects is increased hunger. Very aggravating. I havn't been able to get under 129 in 4 years. But I'm trying like hell. At minimum I walk 2 miles a day, and I like to work out at the gym.

I was diagnosed with Eating Disorder: binge/purge type not too long ago. For once I was honest with my doctor.
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Hey, Not much going on here. We gotsa pump this up!

Well anyways.

I'm new. My name's Raven.
From the U.S.
I'm a Girlie.
I'm an Ana.
I'm 5'6"
Heighest weight was 123
Lowest weight was 107
Current weight is 116
Goal weight is 90, because all my friends think that's how much I weigh, but I don't feel like that when I look.

So Heya c: